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About Uptown Games


Founded in 2014 Uptown Games are based in London and are an online UK games store that sells video games and accessories with the added option of customising consoles and controllers. We sell only PAL format video games and can supply and customise nationally.

Our enthusiasm stems from our own individual experiences with gaming. Most of us were around from the Atari 2600 days and have vast experience in the world of gaming.
Some of the team are highly experienced in professional customising of accessories, adding vinyl images or hydrograhics to joypads and consoles.

Individuality is important at our online UK games store, which is why we at Uptown Games embrace customisation.

Shopping with Uptown Games is an enjoyable and swift process. We will not only provide excellent and personal customer service, we are only one of the few retailers that offer various customising as an option and the bespoke service option of hydrographics.

We have all come from a retail background. Some from sales and some from working in restaurants, cafes etc. The most important thing we learned is that the customer always comes first.

We hope with after reading this, you will be happy to join us on this exciting journey and become part of our history.